Strategic Decision Support Assessment Paper

Strategic Decision Support Assessment Paper (20%)
The course exposes participants to the negative effects that individual human cognitive limitations, group dynamics as well as bureaucratic and organizational processes can sometimes have on policy decisions. To help reduce the risk, a variety of decision support tools and methods are available to improve strategic decision making.
Select one or more decision support tools or methods from the list below and describe how their application could improve, or would have improved, decision-making on a current or past issue addressed by ministry of interior :
• Red Teaming
• ‘Six Hat’ Thinking
• ‘System I’ and ‘System II’ Thinking
• ‘Pattern Break’ Strategic Empathy
• Psychobiography / Leader Personality Profiling
• Modelling and Simulation
• Intelligence
• Artificial Intelligence
• Big Data
Your analysis should address the following points:
 How could the tool or method improve the quality, timeliness and relevance of decision making on the issue?
 How could the tool or method be realistically implemented?
 Are there any risks, trade-offs or limitations associated with the adoption of the identified tool or method? If so, how could these be managed?
Please upload your completed 800-1000 words assessment (including Chicago Style citations)

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