What is the picture doing? Where is it? What going on in the photo? What does it capture?

Your first formal essay will also revolve around these ideas, except the audience will also learn a bit about you through a genre that is very familiar to all of us in this age of social media: pictures.

In an essay of no less than four full pages, you will examine, describe, and analyze a picture of yourself that tells the truth about you, but is also simultaneously misleading to the viewer.

What is the picture doing? Where is it? What going on in the photo? What does it capture? How old are you? Is there anyone else in the photo? What might the image mean to the viewer? Most important: how is this photo telling the truth, and how is the photo telling a lie?

Your work should be free from errors in spelling, usage, and grammar, at least four full pages long, in MLA format, and at the end, include the picture to which you are referring. As a reader, I don't want to see the picture until the narrative is complete, and in case this is not clear, no, the picture page does not count toward your page total. Since this narrative is about the writer, the use of 1st person pronouns is appropriate, but 2nd person (you, you're, your) is NEVER allowed.

This picture should be a special one: it should be indicative of a major aspect of your life (even if that may not be obvious on the surface), since the purpose of a narrative is to share something significant with the audience about the author.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and think about the various ways in which images, even the ones of yourself, are not sharing the whole story.

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