What responses to violence exist that create capacity for both embodied and structural/institutional healing?

What responses to violence exist that create capacity for both embodied and structural/institutional healing?
Choose what specific problem you want to write about (Ex: incarceration, gendered violence, ableism, street violence, war, etc.)
Select two texts we’ve used in class that you want to incorporate 1-2 outside sources:
Mandatory: My Grandmother’s Hands, by Resmaa Menakem
One source from class to help either frame or explain the issue
1-2 Outside sources exploring real or possible solutions to the issue
You will not likely find an explanation of how the solution is “embodied” in the solution you find. This is the connection that YOU have to make.

Make sure you:
Have a clear thesis identifying the problem and naming the solution/possibility.
Explain the problem: how is it linked to violence (cultural, institutional, structural, and/or physical)?
Explain the solution:
Who (person or group) is doing this work and where?
How is it a direct response to the problem you just described?
How is this an embodied solution?
How might it offer people ways to work through trauma trapped in the body?
How is this creating institutional/structural healing?
How is it creating new systems of being in community/existing as a group?

Make sure your paper is MLA formatted and includes a works cited page.
4 pages, double-spaced.
.doc or .docx files only
Proof read your text for grammar and sentence clarity. Read it aloud or have someone else read it to check for understanding.

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