Write 2 different case studies ( using the following information. The writer will formulate the 2 cases, The 2 different case will be fictitious cases
Identifying data
Summary Background
Case Presentation
Demographics Source and reliability
Chief Complaint of Patient
History of Present Illness
Current Medications
Past Psychiatric History
Past Psychiatric Medications
Substance Use/Abuse Assessment
Medical History Allergies
Family History –
Psychiatric and Addiction History. (Include Medical if Pertinent)
Developmental and Social History
Diagnostic Tests
Mental Status Exam
Assets and Liabilities
Physical Exam Findings
Case FormulationSection
Differential Diagnoses Diagnosis – both medical and psych,
DSM and ICD 10 coded
Treatment Plan – Pharmacology –
Diagnostic/Lab Work (if indicated –
– Evidence-Based
Non-Pharmacological Interventions
Patient and Family Education –

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