What caused the global economic and financial crisis that began in 2007-8? Have these causes been overcome?

Critical engagement with literature is a main requirement for a good essay and it is best learnt in a setting where the student engages with different theories/concepts, comparing and contrasting them and drawing links between them, in order to answer a relatively straightforward question.

The research essay asks students to come up with their ’own’ argument and support it with their ’own’ evidence. Hence, in answering the question students will have to compare and contrast different theories and concepts, drawing links between them before taking a stance on which theory/concept better answers the question (’argument’).

The argument needs to be supported by empirical evidence. Two aspects are important here: the evidence provided must truly support the argument, and the essay must show awareness of the research design.

Authoritative understanding of subject area and relevant debates; significant insight in answers; logical development of argument; clear and concise conclusions presented; critical reflection; coherent structure; extensive reading demonstrated; professionally presented with incisive and fluent style; excellent spelling and grammar throughout.

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