What consequences does deforestation have on the environment?

Please write it a little simple.

1. Copy and paste your two REVISED BODY paragraphs (NOT YOUR INTRODUCTION) into a separate document

2. Make sure your text is double spaced so you can diagram each paragraph

3. UNITY: Underline the main idea of your paragraph. It should be introduced at the beginning of each paragraph. After your opening topic sentence in parenthesis, write or type one-two words that describes the main idea or topic introduced.

4. UNITY: Then work through each subsequent sentence, number them, and ask yourself, does this sentence advance my topic introduced in my opening sentences. In parenthesis, write the letter (y) for yes or (n) for no. This will provide a visual representation of what you will need to revise when your rewrite the four paragraphs.

5. COHESION: Review PDF on the known-new contract, Handout (Links to an external site.). The pdf discusses how each sentence has a “topic” and a “stress” which identified what is being stressed about the topic (the stress comes at the end of each sentence). Go through each of your sentence and highlight the words that function as the “stress” in your sentence. Then at the beginning of each new sentence highlight in the same color the word where there is a clear link between the sentence. If there is not a clear link, highlight the word in an alternative color. Remember the old/new contract means you use transitional phrases to connect the end of the sentence with the beginning of the next sentence through the verbatim repetition of a word, a pronoun, synonym, an example or various parts of speech of the same word. If you do not have a link between sentences, then put a backslash (/) between the sentence. This means you are losing cohesion. Remember each sentence needs to build directly on the last.

6. Once you have completed steps 3-5 for each of your paragraphs. You will then need to leave those alone so you can “show your work.” Then scroll down and rewrite each of your paragraphs. You can do this by simply recopying the original paragraphs after the ones that you diagrammed. OR—Copy and paste each original paragraph after its corresponding diagramed one.

7. Work through your annotations and diagramming, changing what sentences need to be changed to put them in unity with your main idea. Then do the same with the old and new contract where you are losing cohesion. And where you have cohesion but it is not as clear, rework some of the types of transitions talked about in item 5.

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