App research paper on Psychosis

The paper is to be written in MlA format with app research in the essay on Psychosis in the news. I will leave the rubric in files and the syllabus. Read articles related to the Psychology illness or disorder that you chose and write a four to six page APA formated paper describing the psychological illness or disorder. See directions below. As soon as you choose your topic begin your research, post it on the discussion board in a thread in the subject area so no one else duplicates your choice of topic and if someone else already posted your topic, consider another. Your research paper will be up to six pages, no longer. You will post your summary in the discussion board when you have finished your essay to share with your classmates for a later Discussion in a couple weeks. The essay is worth 150 points.
Your paper is to be done in APA style. Your reference page will have at least 5 peer reviewed professional sources.

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