Case Study in Lean Manufacturing and Environment

Case Study in Lean Manufacturing and Environment

Many organizations have found that implementing lean concepts and tools results in improvements in environmental performance, even when lean activities were not initiated for environmental reasons since environmental savings are often not part of the “business case” for lean improvement activities.    However, organizations implementing lean do not necessarily quantify the environmental performance gains associated with their lean initiatives.    Here is a web site with examples of case studies showing environmental benefits that result from lean implementation.

Visit some other websites and study case studies in details.  Search for the Case Study you would like to write about.  To complete the assignment, you will select a case study, summarizing major points and answering the following questions:

1. What is the selected business/organizaion? Give a brief company background, products, and location of headquarters.

2. How were the efforts led?  Did leadership in the company empower employees? and how?

3. What are tools/applications used in Lean Six Sigma implementation of this case?

4. What were the business results?  Was it in environmental improvements, was it in quality or costs, was it in delivery, etc.?

5. Conclusion and your recommendation. How the case can be improved for the better results; what is your proposed methods; and what tools/techniques can be applied in your method?

Your writing should be in 2-3 pages (Word document in Time New Roman 12, single space),

Remember to proofread and edit each submission for spelling and grammar, before posting. This is a 5000 level course, you should provide deep thoughts and more clarity at a higher level of analysis and demonstrate synthesis.

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