Introduction to International Business Report  

BMGT1IB Introduction to International Business Report  


  • Use this template to write your report assignment
  • Delete this first page with my instructions
  • Make sure each section is written on a separate page.
  • You may remove the yellow highlight. This is put in place to distinguish each section for you.
  • Use headings and properly constructed paragraphs for each of the dot points in the section below. That is, remove the dot points.

E.g. 1

  • Name of school

Instead write:

Name of school: La Trobe College Australia

E.g. 2

  • Brief outline of the purpose of the report:

Instead write: 

Purpose of Report (use of heading – always make font size a bit bigger for headings)

The purpose of this report is…. (Properly constructed paragraph)

1. Title page

Title of Report   
Name of school   
Subject code   
Name and student ID   
Month, Year   

2. Executive Summary

Brief outline of the purpose of the report:
Methods & sources used to research the report:
Summary of main findings:
Main conclusions, and / or any recommendations:

3. Table of Contents

1. Title page. 2

2. Executive Summary. 3

3. Table of Contents. 4

4. Introduction. 5

5. Body – Select your own heading here. 6

Subheading 1. 6

Subheading 2. 6

6. Conclusion & Recommendations. 7

7. References. 8

  • Be sure to format the body section to include headings and subheadings that are relevant to your report
  • See the following video for information on how to set up contents page:

4. Introduction

A restatement of the purpose/aim of the report:
Provide the background or context for the task:
An outline of the structure of my report (indicate the major sections/concepts discussed in the body section:

5. Body – Select your own heading here


Subheading 1 – Select your own subheading

Subheading 2 – Select your own subheading

  • The body presents the information from your research.
  • Use of
    • uses figures and tables
    • can use bulleted or numbered lists
  • Provide Harvard style in text citations
  • Information is logically organised under appropriate headings and subheadings

6. Conclusion & Recommendations

Restate the purpose of the report:
Present a summary of key findings:
What is the significance of your findings? How is this information important?
Any recommendations as a result of your research & findings:

7. References

  • Needs to be in accordance with the Harvard citation Style.
  • Provide  5 to 6 academic sources (no less, more is ok)
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