Taking a Stand Position Paper

Taking a Stand Position Paper: For this assignment, students willwrite about a “current event” that is related to a topic insport sociology (e.g., race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, violence, deviance, youth sport, college sport, subcultures, etc.). This event will involve sport and most likely have some controversial component.  Examples of appropriate events include things like the controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins or Cleveland Indians logo; specific cases of performance enhancing drug use; San Antonio Spurs hiring Becky Hammon; collegiate student-athletes being paid; domestic abuse in the NFL; kneeling for the National Anthem; USA Gymnastics sexual abuse case, backlash toward American gymnast, Gabby Douglas.The list is endless! 

Students are responsible for researching/reading information (e.g., magazine/Internet articles, television programs, research studies) related to their selected topic. I encourage students to read as many differing opinions as possible.  Student will write a position paper taking a stand on the event/issue – What is your stand on this “issue” and why?  While this is an opinion-based paper, students must support their stance and are required to think/write CRITICALLY. Students must reference all resources and include a reference list of all articles used for this paper.  It is required that students include 10-20 references.  Due to the nature of the assignments, the references used for this paper may be from popular media (e.g., Sports IllustratedESPNWThe New York Times) as this assignment is asking you to critique popular culture.  I also recommend that you do a search using our library databases to determine if there are any scholar writings that would enhance your paper.  If you need help in doing such a search, please feel free to email me or a librarian.  This paper should be no more than 5 pages in length (double spaced). 

Papers will be graded according to the following:

– Did the student follow directions (e.g., appropriate selection of topic, page length, double space, 10-20 references)?

– Did the student provide a descriptive and clear account of the event/case?

– Did the student provide a clear description of her/his opinion on the issue/case?  Stated another way, did the student clearly “take a side/stand?”

– Did the student thoughtfully and critically support her/his position/stance on the issue/case?

– Did the student follow APA guidelines?

– Did the student carefully write and proofread her/his paper? How well is the paper written (e.g., grammar, spelling).

– NOTE:  It is very important that you use technical/academic language when writing this paper.  Do NOT write this paper using non-technical language.  

Students will begin by gathering a list of potential references to use for the paper.  Again, references may include newspaper/magazine articles, scholarly articles, documentaries, and/or any published information surrounding the event.

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