Victimology and Patterns of Victimization

Chapter 7: Victimology and Patterns of Victimization

The authors discuss the meaning of genocide, criminology’s aversion of the topic, and assertions of the United States’ own participation in it.  Through reviewing a brief U.S. history, the authors argue that genocide stemming from the treatment of Native Americans throughout history should not be written off as radical conspiracy.  Likening American Indian reservations to inner cities, a connection is made provoking questions between the historical treatment of African Americans and genocide.  

Chapter 8: Lawmaking and the Administration of Criminal Law

This Chapter analyzes the impact that class, race, and gender have on shaping laws and the lawmaking process.  Although criminal law is thought to be an objective measure of harm, it is instead the direct result of our political process headed by a powerful few, where money and privilege reign.  The authors explain that the laws that shape our reality and perceptions of what is criminal serve the interests of the influential ruling class at the expense of the underclasses.

Discuss one of the following (Write Minimum of 250 words):

1. You learned in Chapter 7 that certain victims are valued above others.  Why do you think that is? How do you think that impacts the U.S Criminal Justice System?


2. According to Chapter 8, minorities are the labor pool that is regulated through punishment. How is this analysis relevant in criminal justice today?  

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