Advanced Performance Management

General instructions
Assignment must be submitted online through Turnitin before due date. An acknowledgement will
be given to you by your teacher upon presentation of the finance clearance. This is your receipt,
keep it.
The only circumstance in which assignments can be uploaded late via Turnitin is if a Mitigating
Circumstances (MC) form is submitted at the same time. In these circumstances work may be
submitted within five (5) working days. Make sure to secure MC form and submit the same to the
concerned staff.
Write the number of words used, excluding references, at the end of your assignment. Provide the
list of sources you used at the last page of your assignment with proper label ‘References’. You may
include diagrams, figures etc. without word penalty. The number of words will be + or – 10% of the
total words allowed.
A work declaration must be included just after the reference page of your assignment. This ensures
that you prepare your work in good faith. Any form of collusion and/or academic unfair practice will
be dealt with according to the pertinent rules and regulations of the partner university. Please read
carefully the plagiarism guide.
Assessment Details
This Assignment comprises 30% of the total assessments marks. It will develop the following skills:
• Analytical skills. This will develop the critical thinking of the students in analyzing the various
• Research skills. This will enhance their proper research and referencing skills that are
necessary when they enter the real world of work.
• Mathematical skills. The analysis and calculation of the ratios will help the students develop
the required skills for their specialization.
In addition, the assessment will test the following learning outcomes:
• Demonstrate a working understanding of more specialised management accounting techniques;
• Measure organisational & divisional performance using a range of financial and non-financial
Assessment Task
Ratio analysis provides investors with tools to analyse a company’s financial statements as it relates
to risk, reward (profitability), solvency, and how well a company operates. Investors generally use
ratios to evaluate companies and make comparisons between companies within an industry.
In this task, you will visit the website of Muscat Securities Market (MSM) and choose any one listed
company and download the published annual financial statements (preferably the previous three
years) and prepare a report based on the ratio analysis for the company.
Your report will consist of the following:
A. Introduction – discuss the importance of ratio analysis and its role in evaluating the
performance of the company. (100 words approximately)
B. Body of the report contains calculations and ratio analysis: (950 words approximately)
• Calculate the liquidity and profitability ratios of the selected company and analyse
the results.
• Calculate the financial risk ratios (Debt to capital ratio and debt to equity ratio) for
the selected company and analyse the results.
• Calculate the Z score for each year of the selected company. Assess whether the
company is at risk or not during the respective year.
C. Conclusion – Provide an analysis of the selected company’s overall performance during the
chosen year. (150 words approximately)
Note: References.
• Use at least 8 sources journals, Books, or e-books.
• Use the Harvard referencing style.

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