Benefits, Cost and Marginal Analysis

Lecture Topics: Benefits, Cost and Marginal Analysis
The first step understand how benefit-cost analysis helps you recognize profitable decisions. These decisions should answer “how many” or “how much” and to do that we need to understand marginal analysis. You will also learn the importance of relevant costs and benefits of investment decisions. Investment decisions help understand the trade-off between current sacrifice and future gain.

– Variable, fixed, and total costs
– Accounting vs Economic profit
– Marginal analysis
– Incentive pay
– Investment
– Break-even analysis

<link is hidden><link is hidden> /> Types of Profit- Old Version

<link is hidden> a look Incentive Pay and Firm Performance PDF attached
3. Take look at Managerial Economics chapter 3, 4 and 5

After carefully reviewing ABOVE the lecture materials, assigned reading(s), and relevant resources, please respond to the following:

Describe a shutdown decision your company has made. Compute the opportunity costs and benefits of the decision (using break-even analysis if appropriate. Answer the following questions:
1 – Did your company make the right decision?
2 – If not, what would you do differently?
3 – Compute and post the profit consequences of the decision.

<link is hidden> use APA7 format for at least 2 references. Number one priority is 2 references’ URL links SHOULD be downloadable and accessible !!! IT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT!!!! Take attention to URL LINKS of reference SOURCES !!!! Because teachers always check the resources and visit to the reference websites

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