Debt Financing and the Small Business Administration

Topic: Debt Financing and the Small Business Administration

Thread: After reviewing relevant areas of the website and researching a few Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan awards via, explore and share an example of one specific, sport related SBA loan recipient.  You can use the filters to search by state, zip code, and year.  Be sure to focus only on SBA awards and not on other government funding.  Research the specific loan recipient and the general SBA loan requirements and try to determine how the funds were used, using your best judgement and inference if necessary. Include Biblical integration in the topic with a Scripture connection or reference.

Reply: With your reply, you can either expand on the initial post with similar, formally cited, specific examples or additional information regarding the original example(s) (be sure the additional information isn’t simply a re-statement of what has already been posted) or you can respond with a well-supported (based on formally cited information) counter point.

**** The professor has requested NO COVID Relief Posts Please!

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