Develop a work-unit activity analysis in the context of the organization you selected: Apple


Objective: The primary purpose of this project is to conduct comprehensive research on your chosen organization and its human resource practices as highlighted in the text and discussed in the course. More specifically, you are charged with demonstrating your ability to “apply” concepts/theories that you will learn.  You have the flexibility to select any organization. The paper must be a critical reflection of the human resource management process and should include multiple topics. At least four HR management topics must be chosen.

Potential topics for the analysis –

Each topic is followed by a sample of questions that you are expected to address.

  1. Introduction

In this section, you will discuss the background of the company.  You can highlight the industry, product(s)/services, labor force, founder etc.  This section should also inform the readers primary purpose of the paper (refer to the sample paper).  Your introduction should be similar to the sample paper provided.

  • Work-Flow Design

Develop a work-unit activity analysis in the context of the organization you selected.

Discuss the organizational structure of the company (functional vs divisional structure)

What procedure are used to conduct job analysis?

What process is used for creating/updating job specification and job description?

  • Planning and Recruitment

Explain the HR Planning process used at the company.

How does the company handle labor surplus? (Hint: Explain various methods used at the company in the context of description provided in your text)

How does the company handle labor shortage? (Hint: Explain various methods used at the company in the context of description provided in your text)

Discuss the recruitment process used at the company? Does it use external or internal recruitment? Provide a detailed analysis of the process.

Does the company utilize due-process policies or employment-at-will doctrine? Explain.

Explain the strategy used by the company for image advertising.

  • Selection

What type of selection process is used by the organization?

How does the organization ensure reliability and validity of its selection methods?

Which specific reliability and validity method is used?

Do they use personality tests?  If yes, which ones and how do they administer the tests?

  • Training

Discuss training methods used at the company.

How do they use informal learning?

Explain the training process used at the company in the context of six steps highlighted in the text? Are any of the steps missing?  Based on the concepts you learned, do you think the organization is using the training programs effectively?

Can the company be classified as an MNC?

Does it use expatriates?   How do they prepare expats for international assignment?

Discuss how does the company manage diversity and inclusion?

  • Performance Management

Which approach of performance management is being used at the company? Explain the method(s) that are being used within the specific approach.

What are the sources(s) of performance information being used at the organization?

What training methods are used for managers who evaluate employee performance? How does the organization ensure highly reliable and valid performance measurement process?

What is the organizational policy on dealing with poor performers?

  • Employee Development

Discuss the career management process being used at the organization?

Which approaches of employee development are being used?

Is there a mentorship program?

Does the company actively recruit women and minority?  

  • Discussion

The discussion section of your paper should be related to the sample paper provided.  In particular, you have to develop at least six questions and find their answers in a way that reflect the application of various concepts and theories you discussed in the four chosen topics.  Make sure to use plenty of references that are related to the topics. This is the most important section of your paper which will test your ability to link theory to practice, so please be very thoughtful while selecting the questions. You can follow the discussion section of the paper provided as much as possible. Since the sample paper is provided, it automatically precludes the choice of “Zappos” for your paper.

You can select any four topics from (2-7), but the introduction and discussion are mandatory.

The first page of the submission must be the cover page that contains student name, title of the paper, university affiliation, submission date, and course title. The second page should only contain abstract and the limit would be about 100 -200 words. Please refer to the sample paper to understand what should be included in the abstract.

The main body of the paper will begin from the third page and should have at least six sections (4 HR management topics+ Introduction + Discussion) with each topic addressed in a specific section. Use headings to differentiate each section. The final version of your paper must clearly demonstrate your ability to link concepts/theories to the HRM process of the selected organization.  Use at least 10 references from different sources to support the information in the paper.

The paper should conform to APA specifications and guidelines. The students are expected to provide in-text citations and references for the information that is borrowed from other source (as highlighted in sample paper). All papers should be typed on 8.5 x 11 inch paper with 1-inch margins, in a Times New Roman font (size 12, double spaced). Students are advised to contact the University’s writing center if additional help/assistance is warranted.  Finally, don’t make assumptions, but ask questions to clarify your understanding of the guidelines. The goal is to exceed your professor’s expectation and get the best result.  Students that have typically received an ‘A’ or ‘B’ on this project have often surpassed the minimum guidelines (quality and quantity) by a significant margin.

Method:                    Employee Interviews

Library Databases/Online sources Textbooks/Business Magazines

Length: At least 13 pages (excluding cover page, abstract, and references)


Details regarding the APA format can be found at:

Points Distribution

4 HR Management Topics, 12 points each = 48 points

Introduction = 8 points

Discussion = 8 points

Adherence to APA format and paper guidelines = 10 points

Abstract = 6 points

Total = 80 points

** Abstract is a critical component of an APA format.

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