In what ways do older adults perpetuate ageism?

1. Explain at least two specific ways ageism (stereotypes/discrimination based on age) impacts older adults’ physical health and two specific impacts on mental health. What could be done to reduce the effects of each of these issues?
2. In what ways do older adults perpetuate ageism? List at least three ageist stereotypes about older adults and discuss why each one is not true.
3. Define the term good death. What is the goal of hospice/palliative care? What can prevent people from receiving this kind of care and why? What would you want your loved ones to know concerning your own end of life care? What steps do you think you need to take to ensure your end of life directives will be met.
4. Discuss Integrity; what sort of “Legacy” you would like to leave behind? What do you hope to accomplish? What do you want to be remembered for? Be sure to elaborate on all of your answers.
5. Create a “Bucket List”. List at least 10 things that you want to do before you die. Include anything you choose without regards to money, etc. There are no wrong answers.

Remember, as always, this assignment should contain NO direct quotes, and that you will need to cite and reference all sources!

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