The organization is a women’s care center Named: Oriana’s Sister’s Care

The organization is a women’s care center Named: Oriana’s Sister’s Care

  1.  your PPT should be narrated. Each slide, with the exception of your reference slide(s) should contain a recorded narration as if you were presenting the PPT live in a board meeting. 
  2. Conduct additional research to gather sufficient information to justify/support your analysis.
  3. The PPT should be at least 10 slides, not including the title and reference pages.
  4. Do not simply read your slides. Your presentation should be an extemporaneous discussion of your material, with your slides simply providing highlights.
  5. Support your paper with peer-reviewed articles with at least 5 references. Use the following link for additional information on how to recognize peer-reviewed journals:
  6. You may use the following source to assist in formatting your assignment:
  7. For additional information on reliability of sources, review the following source:
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