Writing Project 2: Comparative Analysis

Review feedback from your instructor (in Grades) on your final draft of Writing Project 1 and/or the half draft of this project, from your peers (in M05 Peer Response–Writing Project 2: Comparative Analysis Half Draft), and from your <link is hidden> tutoring session, and revise your draft based on this feedback.
Review the instructions for Writing Project 2 (in Module 5). Compare your draft to the instructions, looking for areas requiring further development. Revise your draft to address any issues that you found.
Finally, submit your final draft of Writing Project 2 here for instructor grading. Submit your draft as a Word document. (If using Google Docs, do the following to convert your file: go to File / Download and select Microsoft Word (.docx); then name and save your file.) You may also write a message to your instructor in the text box (optional).
Assignment Summary
Final Draft
Clearly developed thesis statement that takes a position about the similarities and differences between the two closed research theme readings
An introductory paragraph that attempts to gain the interest of reader, and introduces the closed research theme readings, and presents the thesis statement
Body paragraphs that compare and analyze key similarities and differences between the closed research theme readings, with topic sentences and transitions
Well-reasoned analysis based on relevant and complex comparisons, illustrated and supported with evidence from the closed research theme readings
A concluding paragraph
In-text citations of “They Say” summaries and quotations of the closed research theme readings and other sources you might use
APA or MLA style formatting, as specified by your instructor, with a References (APA) or Works Cited (MLA) page
Observation of the conventions of Standard Written American English
Minimum 1000 words for the final draft (Works Cited or References list does not count in the minimum word-count requirement)
See the assessment rubric in the assignment page “M05 Writing Project 2 Comparative Analysis: Final Draft” for an understanding of how the final draft will be graded

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