A management report about DYSON

This component requires you to:
• Set the scene by providing information on the vision, main products/services, the
industry the company operates in, main competitors and markets.
• Company’s core business and by looking at the macro- environment* and microenvironment. Identify important industry trends.
• The main opportunities and threats affecting the industry derived from the above
• Analysis of the strategic significance of organisation’s resources and capabilities.
*When selecting criteria against which to assess the macro-environment, you should use
PEST and select one further factor that is of significance for the organisation concerned.
This will be referred to later in this assessment brief as PEST 1
If you choose to structure the main body of your work in a different way, make sure you
provide similar coverage of the material.
Font style, Lucida Sans, Calibri or Arial, font size 12
• 1.5-line spacing.
• The page orientation should be ‘portrait’
• Margins on both sides of the page should be no less than 2.5 cm
• Pages should be numbered
• Your name should not appear on the script.
• Your student numbers should be included on every page

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