Complete your autoethnography

1. Each student is encouraged to write a reflection paper that captures critical learning on some of the skills, knowledge, and dispositions you’ve gained by this time. (Suggested length: 3 – 4 pages).
2. Write an action plan that addresses some specific things that you, your school, district or any other constituency can do to facilitate work with ELL students. Particularly, try to add suggestions that may include community and agencies involvement. You can supplement the narrative with a table or chart. (2-3 pages)
*Turn in your reflection paper and action plan as ONE document in the Finals Discussions Forum.
3. Turn in a summary of your field/contact hours at the submission point provided in this FINALS folder.
4. Complete your autoethnography.
5. Compile the different parts of your portfolio into one document.
Remember the reflection paper is truly a summative reflection of what you have gained from taking the course. First look through the course knowledge and dispositions.
The action plan should include what changes you, other teachers, your school/district, or/and agencies could make in supporting the learning of ELL students.
Contact Hours summary is a summary of Who, What, Where you gained contact hours with ELL populations and agencies. Use the sample format.

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