Does Populism Undermine Democracy?

Why posters?
• Posters are an effective way of communicating information
concisely, visually and attractively.
• Academic posters summarise information or research to help
publicise it and generate discussion
• Posters are often used in conferences and workshops in all
spheres of work

• Does populism undermine democracy?
• Can climate change be solved by democracies?
• Is democracy racist?
• Can new forms of participation revitalise democracy?
• Why have some democracies been more effective in responding to

Overall criteria for assessment
• Extent to which the poster indicates an understanding and
synthesis of the academic and non-academic evidence on the
• Extent to which the poster introduces ideas in an interesting
and engaging manner
• Clarity of information
• Range and correct attribution of sources
• Appropriate use of tables, graphs, figures and images etc.

• An academic poster is designed to communicate clearly, concisely,
and visually.
• It should be self-explanatory.
• It takes skill to summarise a complex topic without losing some
meaning or connections.
• Think what is essential to know about the topic?
• How might you use images or diagrams to help convey your message?

• Poster quality
• Can you combine visual impact and clarity in the way you present your ideas
to the passer-by?
• Explanatory quality
• Are you sharp, engaging and comfortable explaining the topic?
• Is there evidence of wide reading around the topic area?
• Substance
• Do you have an appropriate title?
• Why does your topic matter?
• Do you provide evidence of an integrated review of relevant literature?
• Do you provide clear conclusions?
• Do you provide adequate referencing / citations?

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