Due to the losses suffered during the 2020 pandemic, a USA automobile company is considering foreign expansion of its production

The CEO requires three tasks from you.

Task 1: Define and briefly evaluate the tools listed in the table-1 below selected by a manager. (Note: For this task, examples are not needed) (20 marks)

Task-2: Based on the data provided and your evaluation of Task-1, assess the country options given, provide recommendations on choice of location with justification for the most attractive target for foreign direct investment. (21 marks)

Task-3: Finally, suggest four additional key factors (from topics learnt in class) that may also influence the choice of location for foreign expansion. This may include opportunities, risks and any mitigating strategies with examples. (29 marks)

(1) You may write your answer in a report or an essay format
(2) Total word guide: 1800-2400
(3) This should be your work; not internet research copy/pasted.

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