Inductive Reasoning


This week we are discussing inductive reasoning. For this assignment you will be analyzing poll information and whether or not the poll should be considered reliable.

For, your initial post should include the following:

Provide a brief explanation (along with the link or description of where to find it) of the poll that you are using. Identify the sample, target population, and relevant property of the poll.
Analyze the poll results using the methods and criteria learned in class. Explain your reasoning.
Did anything surprise you about the poll? Why or why not?
For the rest of the discussion board you and your peers will discuss polling and their accuracies with your peers.

You must have all posts submitted by 11:59pm on Sunday, April 25th. You will not have access to the discussion forum after this time.

Please pay special attention to the following rubric and follow the instructions to receive full credit for each of the discussion board assignments. (NOTE: Remember that you must post a total of 5 times on 3 separate days to receive full credit on the assignment)

here’s an example :
Before every presidential election, we all see the Iowa caucus on news media. When former President Barack Obama was running for his presidency, I looked up what the Iowa caucus was and its purpose. A short explanation of the Iowa caucus is to win the democratic party’s presidential nomination. First, a candidate needs to win a majority of the party’s delegates. This process starts in the state of Iowa. Most of the time, a candidate who wins at the Iowa caucus wins democratic nominee. 4 candidates stood out: Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Joe Biden. Out at the end, Joe Biden had enough state delegate equivalents to win with pledged national convention delegates. Sample for the Iowa caucus is people from Iowa who attend Iowa. The target population of this poll is to apply to the people of the United States. The relevant property of this poll is to see who is a more favorable candidate for the party. Iowa has 3million in population and 90% white. I think this poll is enumerative induction because, from the state polling, the democratic party applies to all Americans. I am surprised by the result of the Iowa caucus because Bernie Sanders won first and second alignments, and Pete Buttigieg won state delegate equivalent. However, Joe Biden won the democratic party’s presidential nomination. So should this poll be reliable?

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