Mini Book review: The spirit catches you and you fall down

No cover page is required.

A reference list is required. Use at least one peer reviewed JOURNAL citation.

You may write in the first person for these mini-papers.

Use headers to organize your mini-paper. Maximum paper length is three (3) pages excluding reference page (if applicable). Do not include direct quotes in your paper.

1. Was Neil Ernst justified in filing a report with Child Protective Services claiming child endangerment due to the Lees’ “noncompliance” with Lia’s medical regimen? Please explain your answer.

2. Which would have been more discriminatory, to deprive Lia of optimal care that another child would have received (constantly fine tuning her drug regimen) or to tailor her treatment in a way that her family would likely follow (using one “pretty good” anticonvulsant and sticking to it)?

3. Discuss the Lees’ life in Laos. How was it different from their life in the United States? Foua says, “When we were running from Laos at least we hoped that our lives would be better. It was not as sad as after Lia went to Fresno and got sick” (p. 171). What were the Lees running from? What were they hoping to find in the United States?

4. How does the greatest of all Hmong folktales, the story of how Shee Yee fought with nine evil dab brothers (p. 170), reflect the life and culture of the Hmong?

5. Sukey Waller, the psychologist at Merced Community Outreach was described as the American most respected by the Hmong. How did she gain this respect? What can be learned from her?

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