Seven Steps to Ethical-Decision Making



You will be required to read a newspaper and/or magazine article dealing with ethical issues and analyze the issue following the Seven Step Guide to Ethical Decision-Making guide. The issue should be relevant to the topics presented in this course. Your assignment should be approximately 2 pages long to fully answer all 7 steps.

  1. Please review detailed assignment instructions
  1. Format your paper so that you are answering each of the seven questions. Your assignment can be numbered, there does not need to be an introduction or conclusion, just simply answer the questions. 

Please also review this video walkthrough with instructions: 

Video Walk-Through (Links to an external site.)


Structure & Organization – Assignment is approximately 2 pages long; organization is appropriate to assignment; smooth and effective transitions.

Seven Steps – Paper adequately addresses all seven steps in detail. The student demonstrates comprehension through correct application of ethical perspectives, concepts, and theories in their response. The student recognizes ethical issues when presented in complex, multilayered (gray) context AND can recognize cross-relationships among the issues. Student can successfully evaluate a position, and can respond to the assumptions, implications, and objections of the stated position.

Control of Syntax and Mechanics – Uses graceful language that skillfully communicates meaning to readers with clarity and fluency, and is virtually error free

Citations and Sources – Does not directly quote a large percentage of their paper; cites everything correctly. Includes references to support their essay







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