A Release is a type of settlement agreement that bars any further recovery

A Release is a type of settlement agreement that bars any further recovery beyond the terms stated in the release. This settlement agreement is a contract and it is supported by consideration – legal value and bargained-for-exchange – as the parties are each giving up something to get something.

You will draft a release based on the following fact pattern. You will complete the release by filling in the brackets on the Release of Claims Template. Make up any necessary facts – addresses etc. Delete all brackets so that you are submitting a clean, professional contractual document.

On January 4, 2021, Lisa V. was driving her car in Beverly Hills. She needed to get fresh air and while she was driving, she was listening to the entertainment news on her radio and was very upset by the rumors that were being reported about her. At approximately 7:00 <link is hidden> Lisa went into the intersection at Rodeo Dr. and Sunset Blvd. As she entered the intersection, she collided with another car that was being driven by Brandi G. Both drivers got out and inspected the cars and took the proper information from each other and left.

It was estimated that there was damage to each car. Brandi had her attorneys contact Lisa after the accident. Lisa was so distraught, she thinks that she went through a red light and caused the accident. She negotiated with Brandi’s attorneys and was willing to pay $4,000 to make this go away.

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