Forms of Media

Task 1

Skim through the 5 Key Concepts one more time. This time, make a list (in your notebook) of all the various forms of media that are mentioned. Feel free to Google “forms of media” and add to the list based on your own understanding of what “Media” means. Select 3-4 of the forms of media that you have listed. For each, recreate (in your notes) and complete the chart below. An example has been provided for you.

Form of mediaOne purpose for that type of mediaOne example of an audience for that type of media
Facebook postMaking people feel jealous of youFriends of the same age

Task 1 Rubric

 Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Understanding Media Texts 1.1 Explain how media texts, including complete and challenging texts, are created to suit particular purposes and audiences.    
Understanding Media Forms, Conventions and Techniques 2.1 Identify general and specific characteristics of a variety of media forms and demonstrate insight into the way they shape content and create meaning    
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