Write an essay in which you discuss the use of non-realistic drama to serve as a vehicle for truth about a social issue within L

Write an essay in which you discuss the use of non-realistic drama to serve as a vehicle for truth about a social issue within Luis Valdez’ play, Los Vendidos. Discuss the play’s central theme or themes and how satire is used to expose certain truths about the condition of racism and classism directed toward Mexicans within in the United States when the play was written and first performed.

A few rules to follow:

Author and title should be introduced in the first paragraph. A play’s title is italicized.

The thesis statement must make a claim or argument about the play that is not obvious and can be contested.

Evidence from the text should be used to support the analysis, and each paragraph should contain at least two direct quote for textual evidence.

In-text citations should be used with every direct quote, summary, or paraphrase from a section of the text. For example—

When the Secretary says to Sanchez in the first scene, “One more thing. He must be hard-working,” she is establishing one of the first of many requirements that immigrants living in the United States must be productive in order to be valued (Valdez 1.1239).

If you quote more than one character or more than three lines, set off the quotation by indenting one inch. Begin with the character’s name typed in all capitals followed by a period. Indent subsequent lines a further 1/4 inch:

Mrs. Linde pressures Nora to reveal the source of her loan. Nora, however, remains resolute:

MRS. LINDE. Now don’t try to hide it, Nora. You think I can’t guess who loaned you the forty -eight hundred crowns?

NORA. Are you out of your mind? How could you think such a thing? (Smith 2.201-206)

Topic sentences should introduce the main idea in each paragraph and transition the reader from one main point to the next.

Third person point of view (no I think, I believe, or in my opinion), and present verb tense should be used.

The essay should be formatted according to MLA guidelines, contain 7-8 paragraphs, and include a Works Cited page with the play cited as a work in an anthology, and formal outline.

**Use the following resources to help you format in-text citations and the works cited page correctly.

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