The concept of the Greenhouse Effect has come to have negative connotations

The concept of the Greenhouse Effect has come to have negative connotations.

(A) What is the Greenhouse Effect?

(B) Why would life on Earth cease without it?

Why should we be more worried at the release of methane into the atmosphere than carbon dioxide?

After this summer’s wildfires in California, some residents who were forced to flee are choosing not to return. Are they climate refugees? Explain your answer.

Which of these would have a larger negative impact on climate? Explain your answer.

(A) an ice sheet melts and exposes open water

(B) an ice sheet melts and exposes packed snow

Which of the following would have the highest albedo?

Multiple Choice

  • asphalt
  • forest
  • fresh snow
  • open water
  • soil

Which of the following statements is FALSE?

Multiple Choice

  • A lot of the Sun’s energy is used to heat water creating water vapor.
  • Water vapor holds more heat than liquid water. This stored heat is called latent heat.
  • Land provides far more water vapor (and latent heat) to enter the atmosphere than oceans.
  • The latent heat in water vapor can move heat from one place to another as the warm, moist air moves.
  • When there is a lot of latent heat in water vapor, hurricanes and tornadoes can form.

The climate is rainy at latitudes where convection cells warm and rise. The climate is dry at latitudes were convection cells cool and sink.

True or False

As far as we are currently aware, who were the first people to notice the El Niño Southern Oscillation cycle?

Multiple Choice

  • Asian ship captains trading with North America
  • meteorologists
  • scientists studying atmospheric changes
  • South American fishermen
  • Spanish colonial governors living in South America

Cyclic changes in Earth’s climate are the result of all of the following EXCEPT which one?

Multiple Choice

  • the Earth’s orbit changes shape in a cyclic pattern
  • the Earth’s axis processes (or wobbles) in a cyclic pattern
  • the Moon’s distance from Earth increases and decreases in a cyclic pattern
  • the tilt of Earth’s axis changes in a cyclic pattern
  • the sun’s intensity increases and decreases in a cyclic pattern

Carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere decreases during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer,

Multiple Choice

  • and, thus, balances out carbon emissions from winter to keep this greenhouse gas concentration steady year after year.
  • and, thus, balances out carbon emissions from fossil fuels to keep the concentration from rising each year.
  • but does not match the pattern of average increase in temperature, which has gone down since 1958.
  • but the annual mean carbon dioxide remains unchanged.
  • but the overall carbon dioxide concentration has still increased year after year since 1958.

Most of the excessive carbon dioxide that is expected to cause global warming is generated by

Multiple Choice

  • green plants.
  • burning of fossil fuels.
  • production of cement and clearing of forests.
  • the burning of fossil fuels and production of cement and clearing of forests only.
  • All of these cause global warming.

Which of these is NOT an effect of global warming?

Multiple Choice

  • flooding of shorelines
  • lower crop yields
  • more growth of coral reefs
  • more frequent droughts
  • spread of tropical diseases to temperate areas

In the last 150 years, 19 of the 20 warmest years of have occurred since 1980.

True or False

There has been an increase in frequency and intensity of storms and hurricanes.

Group starts

True or False

Accidental leakage of methane occurs from all of the following EXCEPT

Multiple Choice

  • coal-burning power plants
  • damaged natural gas pipelines
  • flooded rice paddies
  • fracking wells
  • garbage dumps

________________ stated that signatory nations must reduce emissions of greenhouse gases below 1990 levels by 2012.

Multiple Choice

  • The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  • The Kyoto Protocol
  • The Paris Accord
  • The United Nations
  • The U.S. Military Advisory Board

________________ means that net-greenhouse gas emissions are zero.

Multiple Choice

  • Adaption
  • Carbon level
  • Carbon offset
  • Carbon neutral
  • Carbon tax

Paying to plant trees because you use carbon in your daily life would be an example of

Multiple Choice

  • cap and trade.
  • carbon offsets.
  • carbon reduction.
  • carbon sequestration.
  • going carbon neutral.

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