Who are the professional members of the courtroom work group, and what are their roles?

  1. Who are the professional members of the courtroom work group, and what are their roles?
  2. Who are the nonprofessional courtroom participants?
  3. What are the three forms of indigent defense used in the United States? Why might defendants prefer private attorneys over public counsel?
  4. What activities are typically undertaken during the pretrial period (that is, before the start of a criminal trial)?
  5. What is the purpose of a criminal trial? What is the difference between factual guilt and legal guilt? What do we mean by the term adversarial system?
  6. What are the various stages of a criminal trial?
  7. What is plea bargaining, and what is its function? To what kinds of cases is it most suited?
  8. What purpose does plea bargaining serve for the defense? For the prosecution? Given the criticisms leveled against plea bargaining, do you believe that it’s an acceptable practice? Explain.
  9. What exceptions to the hearsay rule have courts recognized?
  10. Do you think the present jury system is outmoded? Why?
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