Although Luisa is generally in good health, she does have a few issues with her bones and joints

Week 16 Final Project

Due Date and Time

This final project is due the last day of class at 11:59pm ET.


The purpose of this final project is to provide the opportunity to review material and have additional practice utilizing many of the concepts covered during this course.


Below you will find general information about Luisa, plus additional information at the beginning of each question. Use this information, your textbook, and other information discussed during this class to answer the following 10 questions. You should use complete sentences, appropriate exercise physiology terms, correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar in your answers. 


Luisa is an active 70 year old, is 5’2”, and 130 pounds. She currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island, with her husband, Jack, and two dogs. She has always liked to bicycle, but recently decided to compete in the 40K cycling event at the National Senior Games held in June in Birmingham, Alabama.

  1. Although Luisa is generally in good health, she does have a few issues with her bones and joints. She has mild osteoarthritis in her knees and was recently told by her doctor that she has osteopenia.  What might have caused Luisa to develop these two conditions and what are appropriate treatments for each one? (5 pts)
  • As a cyclist, which type of energy metabolism (anaerobic or aerobic) does Luisa use primarily as she is riding her bike? In 2-3 paragraphs outline what type(s) of energy source she uses (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) and follow these sources through each step of the appropriate energy pathways. (10 pts)
  • Luisa knows that her quadriceps and hamstrings are active as she cycles, but she is interested in learning more about the structure and function of these muscle groups. Describe the specific action of each muscle group takes and list the individual muscles that make up each group. Then, list any other muscle groups that are active as Luisa races. (15 pts)
  • Unfortunately, Luisa tripped over one of her dogs as they were out for a walk and she sprained her ankle. What would you recommend for her to do to treat her sprained ankle? (3 pts)
  • Luisa is a little worried about competing in the heat and humidity of Alabama. Give her at least 3 suggestions on ways she can prevent heat illness. (5 pts)
  • Luisa has gotten a clean bill of health so far, but has a very strong family history of heart disease.  Provide Luisa with at least 4 suggestions of lifestyle choices she can make to help her prevent heart disease.  (5 pts)
  • Luisa’s husband, Jack, is 5’10” tall and weighs 218 pounds. What is Jack’s BMI? Does this suggest a healthy body weight? If not, provide him with at least 3 suggestions for healthy weight loss.  (7 pts)
  • Jack is interested in starting a muscle-strengthening routine, but he has never lifted weights before. List eight exercises for Jack to try and arrange these exercises into a set. Give Jack one safety tip to consider before he begins this routine and describe what he should expect during and after he completes this set. (10 pts)
  • Luisa usually cycles for 1-2 hours, 3 days a week; hikes or walks with her dogs and husband daily for 30-60 minutes; and does yoga or other flexibility exercises 2 days a week. 
    • Discuss how well Luisa does currently at meeting general recommendations for exercise. (5 pts)
    • Create a weekly exercise/training plan for Luisa that will help her meet her competition goals and health needs.  Her exercise plan needs to include components of muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and aerobic exercise, should meet or exceed the general guidelines for each type of exercise, and be mindful of some of her physical problems mentioned in previous questions.  Your plan should be very specific as to type(s) of exercises, frequency, intensity, and time. (15 pts)
    • Calculate the number of calories Luisa will burn in a typical week of exercise using METs. Look up the MET value for each activity using the following website Compendium for Physical Activities. (5 pts)

You can use the modified Calories Out table to assist with organizing your exercise plan for Luisa:

Day of the WeekType of ActivityEstimated IntensityDuration (in hours)MET ValueCalories
  1. Luisa knows that eating a healthy diet and being well hydrated might help her with her cycling competition and some of her other health issues. Create a diet and hydration plan for Luisa. Your answer should include specific types of foods to help her fuel her body and a general eating plan to complement her exercise/training plan you created in Question 9. You should also include fluid intake. You do not need to figure out the exact number of calories or specific serving sizes for your plan; simply list types of foods and beverages to consume and times of the day to consume them. (15 pts)

You can use the modified Calories In table to assist with organizing your nutrition plan for Luisa:

Time of DayType of Food or Beverage

Submission Instructions

Submit your work to the final project submission area.

Grading Criteria

Your final project is graded out of 100 points. See the rubric for grading expectations.

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