Discuss and compare the generic characteristics and historical evolution of Hong Kong martial arts films and action films in terms of theme, plot, and/or style

Choose and focus on at least three films from the above lists, or from relevant films that are analyzed in your textbook Planet Hong Kong written by Professor David Bordwell.  The three films should be directed by three different directors and feature three different stars.   Discuss and compare the generic characteristics and historical evolution of Hong Kong martial arts films and action films in terms of theme, plot, and/or style.  The minimum length of the paper should be 5 full pages, double-space, font size 12 (preferred script: Times New Roman).  If you wish to choose any film from outside the above lists, please let me know first.  You should not write about the films of one particular star or director only.

Avoid simple generalization.  Please refer to specific elements and details of the films.  You might wish to consider such formal and stylistic features: characters, stars, scenes, choreography, cinematography, editing, lighting, sound, music, or pacing (rhythm). You may consult assigned reading materials, or do some additional research outside the class.  Please always acknowledge your sources.  Do not use the words and ideas of a publication or online source without appropriate citations.

Plagiarism is not tolerated at UC Davis. If such a case arises, it will be immediately reported to the Office of Student Support and Judicial Affairs.

The course partially fulfills your writing requirement.  Your writing is expected to reflect college-level competence in form and content.  Both what you write and how you write will be evaluated.  Relevant aspects of writing will be looked at as usual: coherence, organization, argument, elegance, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and so on.

The paper is due Thursday, April 29.  Please submit your paper electronically to our Canvas course site by midnight (11:59 pm).  No late paper will be accepted without a legitimate excuse.

Notes on Format

  • For citation and documentation, we prefer the MLA style
  • Double-space throughout the paper
  • We prefer Times New Roman, font size 12
  • One-inch (2.54 cm) margin on all sides
  • Minimum length, 5 full pages
  • Write a title for your paper
  • Indicate page number on each page
  • Italicize all film titles and book titles
  • Write your name, and the course title and name at an upper corner of the first page: COM 110: Hong Kong Cinema
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