Explain why preventing HIV/AIDS in the US is important (include statistics)

Final Paper (1) —Students are to complete a final paper which will require them to utilize all of the sociological information they have learned during the course.  For this paper, the students will be required to describe how they would reduce HIV/AIDS in the US using sociological theory, concepts, and ideas. 

Imagine that you are a high-ranking official who is being asked to reduce HIV/AIDS you have been given full freedom to do so which includes creating an intervention including policies, programs, and activities.

The paper will have a maximum length of 5 single spaced pages and should include the following sections and answer the following questions:

  • Statement of the problem
    • Explain why preventing HIV/AIDS in the US is important (include statistics)
  • Target population the program will address. 
    • Whom does your program target and why? (Race, Gender, Age, e.g., Adolescents) 
  • Sociological theory
    • Use a sociological theory to explain why HIV/AIDS is an issue in the target population.
  • Describe your program.
    • Scale of program
      • Choose One of the following-Societal level (Macro level), Community level (Macro Level), small group (Micro Level) or individuals (Micro Level) 
    • What type of intervention/program do you propose?  
      • (Examples: Curriculum, Mass media campaign, Legislation, increased access to treatment)
    • Sociological concepts
      • What sociological issues does your program address in preventing HIV/AIDS in the US?
        • How will your intervention reduce HIV/AIDS in the US?
  • Why do you think your program will be effective?

Make sure you use citations where appropriate.

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