Instructional Materials development

Instructional Materials development
With the instructional strategy in hand, you are ready to start selecting existing instructional
materials and/or creating materials for achieving the objectives. The exact materials that you
need to develop vary widely from project to project, depending on the audience, goals, and what
you specified in your design
In this assignment, you will create instructional materials for learners and the instructor.
Instructional Materials for Learners (Learner’s manual)
The learner’s manual contains the content that the learner can use to help them achieve the
objectives. This can include but is not limited to
• Learning materials include existing instructional materials and/or materials developed by
you specifically for the objectives
• Concept maps, charts, or tables
• Guidelines or information that the learners can use to guide their progress through the
• Activity guides and rubrics
• Study guides
• Resources lists
• Frequency Questions and Answers
Instructional Materials for Instructors (Instructor’s manual)
Assume that you will not be the person who teaches the unit, so the instructor’s manual should
contain materials and enough details to let other teachers know what they need to do so that
they will end up implementing the instruction as you designed it. The instructor’s manual can
include but is not limited to
• An overview of the project
• Instructional goal and objectives
• Lesson preparation – what should do or prepare before the lesson begins
• Assessments (entry skills tests, practice tests, pre- and post- tests, answer keys, and
rubrics, etc.)
• Learning materials include existing instructional materials and/or materials developed by
you specifically for the objectives
• Instructions for implementing and using the instructional materials
• Assignments
• Resource lists
I’ll be looking at:
• The instructional materials accurately implement the design of the instruction.
• The instructional materials completely teach the goals and objectives.
• The instructional materials include a variety of elements to make teaching and learning
easier and more successful.
• The instructional materials are written at a level appropriate for the learners.
• The instructional materials help instructors implement the instruction successfully.
• The instructional materials are nicely formatted. Visuals are used appropriately for the
goals and the learners.
How to submit:
Submit the URL to your ID project to the designated assignment link. Please note: This
assignment is not a draft. It should be completed and ready for a grade.
If you include links from your Google Drive, please be sure that you unlock the private setting.
This assignment (as in all assignments in the course) will be graded using an interval scale:
100% Far exceeds all expectations & requirements of the assignment
95% Meets all expectations & requirements
90% Meets most of the expectations & requirements with a high degree of quality
85% Fulfills most assignment requirements with a good degree of quality
80% Fulfills some requirements with a good degree of quality
75% Fulfills some requirements with an acceptable degree of quality
70% Fulfills some requirements with a minimally acceptable degree of quality
65% Fulfills only a few requirements with a

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