Instructions: Mental Health

Instructions: Mental Health
Your final paper is a culmination of the hard work you have put into the four discussion boards this quarter. For this project, you will take what you have written
in the posts along with your instructor feedback to create a cohesive essay on your chosen topic. For this assignment, you may reuse your writing from the
discussion boards. However, there are items that you must add to finalize the paper. Please open and use the attached template which includes detailed

Click here for your final project detailed instructions and template.   download

Grading Guidelines:
Your paper will be graded on the following criteria
• Minimum of 500 words, not including references
• All eight Sociological Concepts discussed: Points will be deducted for less than eight concepts mentioned.
• Focus of the paper: Stay on topic and relate all information to your topic of choice.
• Spelling, Grammar, and APA formatting

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