Rory & Michael are getting an accessible van

  1. Rory O’Shea from the movie we watched in class is getting an Amazon Echo for his room.  How will this technology help him? What are 5 companion technologies he could get with it, why would they be helpful? Be sure to include a link to each. (5)
  • Rory & Michael are getting an accessible van.  Describe how they would need it modified to meet their needs. Provide links.  (5) (based on movie)
  • Explain the differences between a service animal, an emotional support animal, and a therapy animal. (5)
  • Imagine you are working with a company that supports consumers with low incomes.  You are always looking for products/resources/services that are free that you could suggest to your consumers. List 2 for someone with vision loss, 1 for someone with hearing loss, and 1 for someone with speech impairments. Explain how each item can assist the consumer and include a link. (10)
  • Invent a person (or based on someone you know; may not be Brynn/Rory/Michael.) Describe this person to me including their age, disability, work/school status, family/partner/friend group, living situation, and any other pertinent information. As you are describing this person, mention assistive technology they use, why and how they use it.  You must list at least 10 items with a link to the item.  (25)
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