Select ONE of the water-borne concerns listed a bacterium

Case Study 1: Select ONE of the water-borne concerns listed <link is hidden> spp.—a bacterium
Cryptosporidium spp.—a protozoan
Entamoeba histolytica—a protozoan
Escherichia coli—a coliform bacterium
Giardia lamblia—a protozoan
Leptospira spp.—a bacterium
Salmonella typhi—the typhoid bacillus
Shigella spp.—a bacterium
Vibrio cholerae—a bacterium
Research the biological concern and consider the implications for public health. Your goal for this assignment will be to convey details of this biological concern to the general public, but you must present scientific details including the main routes of exposure, health impacts to humans, the life cycle, diagnosis and treatment to protect human health, and drinking water treatment (personal and treatment facility). These five components must present detailed information to show you understand each. Please use your own words and demonstrate YOUR mastery of the subject. This will involve research beyond your textbook reading. Do *not* paste direct quotes into the assignment. Use APA formatting for citations and use indirect quotes. In this source from the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL), review the sections on paraphrasing and summarizing: <link is hidden> direct quotes will not demonstrate your mastery of the concepts and it will result in a decreased grade.
Your task is to create a public service announcement (PSA), which draws in the audience and has visual appeal. You must be sure you provide scientifically accurate details. You also must cite all sources used in developing the PSA. Sources must be cited in APA style, including both parenthetical citations and a complete reference list. What this means is that at a minimum each slide should have a clear parenthetical citation for the text. If more than one source is used per slide or you also include graphics, these each must be clearly cited.

The PSA can take one of several forms. For example, you can:
Create a slide show in Microsoft PowerPoint, Open Office Impress, or a similar program
Create a Prezi
Record an audio file using Audacity or a similar program
Create a YouTube video
Narrate your slide show using Screencast-o-Matic or another similar program
Design a flyer in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint or another appropriate layout/design program. If you are using an unfamiliar program, please save the file as a PDF format when submitting it in the classroom.
Or something else …
You get the idea. There are lots of creative formats to use. The trick is, you must include well-researched scientific information and the PSA must be meaningful to the intended audience. Later in the course, we will have the opportunity to share the PSAs with one another.

The PSA is intended to give students a creative outlet to effectively communicate complex topics in water science. Please contact me with questions or concerns along the way. There are so many different formats to select from and so many different freely available software programs to use … have some fun, integrate technology, and research hot topics in water science! I am looking forward to your creativity. Also note, all APU/AMU students have access to Office 365 (see the first course announcement), which includes PowerPoint).

How will your PSA be graded?
10 pts – sufficient depth of scientific materials regarding routes of exposure (<link is hidden> how does it get into people; where does it live in the environment)
10 pts – sufficient depth of scientific materials regarding human health impacts (<link is hidden> cases/year; outcomes; geographic spread; short or long term impacts; major historic outbreaks; etc.)
10 pts – sufficient depth of scientific materials regarding life cycle (offer details on biology like how does it reproduce, what are the major stages in the life cycle, etc. define any technical or complex terms used)
10 pts – sufficient depth of scientific materials regarding diagnosis and treatment for human health (how does the doctor know you have this concern; what do they prescribe to recover)
10 pts – sufficient depth of scientific materials regarding drinking water treatment (how is this organism removed in conventional drinking water treatment; be sure you cover conventional water treatment facilities)
20 pts – APA Citations – all sources used to develop this PSA must be cited in the text and in the final slide with a reference list – use APA style for these citations – do not paste direct quotes into the PSA but rather paraphrase and use indirect quotes
15 pts – grammar/spelling/language/professional tone
15 pts – presentation design – this includes the use of graphics and overall visual appeal; text should be large enough to read; the contrast in text color and background should make the content readable; layout should be enhanced and creative

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