Employer Branding

Please read instructions carefully and follow the exact:

The starting point of any recruitment is Employer Branding. This research assignment will examine the concepts of employer branding, what it is and why it is important.

The research essay paper must thoroughly answer the following:

1. An explanation of employer branding, and why it is important in recruitment.

2. An examination of the attributes associated with employer branding. Identify the attributes most associated with employer branding. A minimum of 10 attributes must be identified.

3. For each of the 10 attributes, explain how it is used to promote the employer brand.

4. Of the 10 attributes identified in point 2, rank them in order of importance from the perspective of a candidate. For the attributes that the paper ranks as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, provide an explanation as to why a candidate feels these attributes are the top three.

5. Select a company of your choice and use the 10 attributes selected in point 1. For the selected company, explain the how the company demonstrates each of the 10 attributes for employer branding. Diagrams, tables, and charts are encouraged to support your answer.

6. For the selected company in point 5, what three recommendations would you make to improve their employer brand through changes to its attributes. How will your three recommendations improve the connection between the employer brand and candidate perception?


1. This must be written as a research essay paper. Use APA 7th edition format.

2. Must have an introduction and a conclusion. Ensure the introduction has all the key points for a strong introduction. Please review this link for an example of a strong introduction. https://edubirdie.com/blog/research-paper-introduction#:~:text=%20Writing%20an%20Introduction%20to%20a%20Research%20Paper,is%20important.%206%20State%20your%20hypothesis.%20More%20

3. Must have a conclusion. Ensure the conclusion follows this best practice. https://essay-lib.com/write-conclusion-research-paper/

4. The paper should not exceed 3000 words (not including the title page or reference page). There is no minimum word count. The key is whether the paper thoroughly answers the questions above. Precise and concise writing is recommended.

5. References (minimum total 4-5). Sites such as Panmore, UKEsssay, Scribble, Coursehero, Chegg, and Wikipedia will not be allowed. Use of other student’s paper from any other institution as a reference will not be accepted. Links must be provided for all digitally accessed documents. The links and reference information must access the page being referenced otherwise it will not count as a site used.

6. A well written paper is one where the paper teaches the reader about the topic. Do not assume that the reader understands your topic or will fill in the blanks of information.

7. No plagiarism.

8. Provide turnitin report.

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