Family Theories: Foundations and Applications

This paper focuse on Family Theories: Foundations and Applications. Criteria for Evaluating Family Theories. Is the theory relevant? Is the theory adaptable to the people you work with or study?

Family Theories: Foundations and Applications

Criteria for Evaluating Family Theories

Firstly, Is the theory relevant? Is the theory adaptable to the people you work with or study?

Secondly, is the theory practical?  Can the theory be translated into practice?

Thirdly, is the theory logical?  Do the assumptions, concepts fit together well?

Fourthly, is the theory explicit?  Are the components of the theory precisely defined?

Further, is the theory systematic?  Will the application of the theory produce reliable results?

Finally, is the theory contextual? Can the theory be used or adapted to fit different contexts?

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Family Theories: Foundations and Applications presents a comprehensive and accessible approach to the most current perspectives in the field of family theory.

  • Firstly, Integrates classic and contemporary writings on family theories
  • Secondly, Features compelling case studies drawn from the authors’ experiences working with thousands of students
  • Thirdly, Represents an integrative use of theory, research, and practice
  • Finally, Utilizes the metaphor of “developing your theory app” to translate complex academic ideas into accessible, student-friendly language


Katherine R. Allen is Professor of Human Development at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, where she is a faculty affiliate of the Center for Gerontology, Faculty of Health Sciences, and the Women’s and Gender Studies Program. Dr. Allen is also a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America and an inaugural Fellow of the National Council on Family Relations. Her research examines family diversity over the life course. She is the author of numerous scholarly articles and books on topics related to family theory, research, and practice.

Angela C. Henderson is an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Northern Colorado. She has received several awards for excellence in teaching and is the author of more than 20 scholarly articles on topics related to motherhood, theory, pedagogy, and perceptions of women in various roles.

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