Exercise: Deviance as informal norm violation

Exercise Review #1

This assignment has three parts. Please follow the directions below. Please upload your paper here (be aware that the only formats that are accepted here are: .doc, .docx, .txt, .pdf). 

Exercise: Deviance as informal norm violation

Part 1 – Exercise: Deviance as informal norm violation: Screen a short video or share a current news item on a topic of deviance that violates folkways: for example, tattoos. Determine the (middle-class?) normative expectations regarding tattoos: size, placement, gender differences, etc. Then discuss to determine deviant behavior in relation to tattoos: what goes too far, how and why? Can one be stigmatized (sanctioned) for having/displaying “inappropriate” tattoos? Please provide a description (should be one half to one page max double spaced) of the norm violation and provide brief answers to the above questions – inserting your norm violation of choice. 

Part 2 – Research Brief: Next, you will be responsible for collecting a contemporary (last 5-10 years) peer-reviewed research article example that they will use to illustrate a point that they can draw out from their norm violation topic. For example, maybe you want to provide some insight into the world of prison tattoos! This portion should be written in “brief” format. It must contain the following sections: 1) the source (cite the source using APA style); 2) what the main question(s)/point(s) is/are – and how it relates to your topic (a paragraph or two); 3) a brief description of the research methodology (e.g. interviews or observations, the who, what, when, where, etc.; three -four sentences will likely do here); and, 4) an overview of the findings and conclusions (probably a couple/few paragraphs). This part of your assignment should be no less than a page and a half and no more than two pages, double spaced. 

Part 3 – Reflection: This is your opportunity to reflect and share your thoughts and opinions on your chosen topic. There is no right or wrong answer here – I would just like to provide you the opportunity to share any insight, thoughts, opinions, and questions, you might have. This section should be between three-quarters and one-page in length. 

In all, the written portion of this assignment, which you will upload here, should be no less than three to no more than four pages in length, double spaced. Please use 12pt Times New Roman font and standard 1″ margins. Please note: efforts to make more look less or less look more will negatively impact your grade.