How can a growth mindset help students be academically successful?

Topic Proposal for Essay #2

Note: Essay #2 will be 4 pages in length.

1) Thesis statement–it’s okay if your thesis statement is longer than one sentence or “not perfect” yet (remember that a question is not a thesis statement). Do not pose a question here or an entire paragraph.

2) My topic is important because—is it an important issue in our society? Would the argument you intend to carry out help improve our world? Are you writing about a problem in our society? (Your paper does not need to address these questions, I simply want you to identify why you think your topic is important).

3) People might disagree with my argument because:

4) My 3 talking points are (it’s okay to have more than 3):

5) The goal of my paper is to make the following point:

6) In order to research for my paper, I plan to read about the following topics (don’t just say the internet, Psychology Journals, encyclopedia, etc. Instead, name the specific topics that you plan to look up in your research):

Can’t choose a topic? Here are some research questions you can choose from:

How can a growth mindset help students be academically successful?

What can math/or English teachers to do help students be more successful in their classes? (choose only 1 subject)

What can be done to help college students be successful during this remote learning time?

What can be done to prevent teen pregnancy?

Is spanking an acceptable form of punishment for children?

How can the government help people during the pandemic?

Should we have universal childcare?

Should Americans have universal healthcare?

What can be done to help reduce homelessness?

What can be done to reduce mental health stigma?