“ABC Health Care” organization

“ABC Health Care” organization.

You will create a screencast (screen recording) of an eight- to 12-slide PowerPoint presentation that will include the points listed below. You are to create your presentation as though you were presenting the elements to a group for review. Note: You will use a screen casting video creation tool of your choice which will record your voice and the presentation on your computer screen.

“ABC Health Care” organization

In your Final Presentation, you should:

  1. Present the needs that were highlighted within you’re the attached case study as it applies to your “ABC Health Care” organization.
  2. Propose a risk analysis strategy on how organizational needs were met in accordance with applicable laws and standards.
  3. Assess the essential components of health care decision making models, emphasizing the system development life cycle (SDLC).
  4. Determine the impact technology has on cultural factors in health care provisions and decision-making.
  5. Evaluate the roles and responsibilities of key players in strategic planning and continuous quality improvement.
  6. Assess enterprise-wide data’s role in health information governance.
  7. Compare and contrast the roles of technology and enterprise-wide information as it relates to data governance.
  8. Summarize best practices and policies as they relate to data governance, information exchange, and technical and structural interoperability.
  9. Explain the economic impact of your proposed system acquisition.
  10. Formulate and provide answers to three questions that you feel would be appropriate for the board to ask.

Part 1: Creating the PowerPoint:

Your PowerPoint presentation should be eight to 12 slides in length. Add speaker’s notes (Links to an external site.) to the bottom of each slide for ease of narration (as your video script) and to provide accessible content to students with accessibility needs. 

Presenting engaging multimedia content also improves learner retention of information. You may wish to include visual enhancements in your presentation. These may include appropriate images, a consistent font, appropriate animations, and transitions from content piece-to-content piece and slide-to-slide. 

When creating a screencast of your presentation,

·  Add speakers notes to the bottom of each slide for general talking points. 

·  All sources used within the presentation must be cited properly within the slides and included on the required reference slide, which will be the last slide of the presentation.

·  Due to the time limit of your presentation, you are not required to speak or read through the reference slide. However, all sources used within the PowerPoint must be cited properly with in-text citations where necessary and a separate final reference slide.

“ABC Health Care” organization

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