Consultancy Management tools

Students are required to analyse the organisation in the Case Study provided and apply a range of Consultancy Management tools and techniques.

It is suggested that students should apply FIVE or more of the following tools and techniques:
• The Balanced Scorecard
• Benchmarking
• Core competencies
• McKinsey 9 box matrix
• Problem-based learning
• The BCG matrix
• Environmental audit /PEST
Students are expected to use a number of techniques, including perceptual mapping, critical thinking, an environmental audit, and opportunity qualification – taking into consideration the 3000 words limitation, to develop various analyses and demonstrate proficiency with solution development.

Consultancy Management tools

Introduction (200 words)
Setting the scene and outline of the approach taken in addressing the task. Background (relevant to the task) information about assignment describing scope, objectives, methods of investigation.

Problem identification (600 words)
Present the problem that requires consultancy advice of the case study.

Critical Discussion (800 words)
Utilise academic research using literature from journals, books as well as undertake a critical evaluation making effective use of evidence and scholarly sources towards the topic under investigation.

Application of theory (1200 words)
An evaluation, using the selected organization to support the discussion and demonstrate practical application of theoretical concepts while using any of the above tools.

Conclusion & Recommendations (200 words)
Effective summary of key points and corporate recommendations.