Digital & Social Media Communication Campaign Plan & Presentation

COMP 235

Digital & Social Media Communication Campaign Plan & Presentation

Documentation Style: APA for the PowerPoint; include citations in the presentation while speaking

Deadline: Submit into AmpEducator by Thursday week 5 (6 pm) by everyone! Do not send via email!

Digital & Social Media Communication Campaign Plan & Presentation


Prepare a group presentation on the topic below with your group and a PowerPoint visual aid document that you will use during the presentation. During the presentation you will have 1 minute to set-up and then will present a Digital & Social Media Communication Campaign Plan for about 13-15 minute with the group of 5-6.

Question: Choose a non-profit organization dedicated for the purpose of changing social injustice, stigma, or racism or similar social problems either in Canada or in your home country. Create a Digital & Social Media Communication Campaign Plan to promote the cause.

Digital & Social Media Communication Campaign Plan & Presentation


  • Create a suitable title for your presentation.
  • Prepare a PowerPoint presentation as a group. The document should be the same for all group members. Every group member must upload this document by the deadline specified.
  • Do not double space your writing in the PowerPoint.
  • Include in-text citations through your presentation and a references page as the last slide in your PowerPoint document.

Allotted Time: 13-15 minutes for the group

Here are the contents that you’ll need to cover in your Digital & Social Media Communication Campaign Plan PPT and presentation in class.

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Situational Analysis
  3. Goal (of your campaign) -1 goal
  4. Objective (s) (of your campaign) 2 objectives (SMART)
  5. Strategies (of your campaign) 3 for each objective
  6. Tactics (of your campaign)-4 for each strategy (total 24)
  7. Research Plan -what kinds of research and why? Justify each research plan
  8. Audience Research/Target Public/Audience
  9. Measurement and Evaluation -how will you evaluate whether your plan will yield efficacy or not?
  10. Addendum: Include at least 1 news release, 1 event related material, 1 informative pamphlet (colored, with good design), 1 infographic, 1 newspaper article (1 page), 2-3 Facebook posts, 2-3 Instagram posts, 2-3 Twitter posts; (written all by yourselves). These items can match with your tactics that you develop. Please make sure you use some applications for better design of these materials. These materials could be spread over the PPT as per your need in various places.
  11. Conclusion
  12. References as per APA 7th Edition. Make sure you will have at least 5 APA references and more than 5 in text citations used in the slides

Note: Your PPT will be no less than 15 slides. It will be graded based on your

  • Coverage of all the contents as outlined above
  • Presentation and delivery
  • Communication skills
  • Good eye contact with the audiences
  • NO direct reading from the PPT. It should be more communicative and expressive!
  • Remember, this presentation is 25 % of your grade. Very important!