How you ensured your own capability and readiness to deliver the activity

Write a reflective statement relating to Activity 1 in which you explain:
– how you ensured your own capability and readiness to deliver the activity
– how you ensured the availability of space, equipment and resources for the
– the physical and psychological features of a ‘positive learning environment’
and the steps you took to create this
– your reflections on the effectiveness of your skills in delivering an L&D

this is a reflective paper about the presentation i did. (i will attach it)

– my presentation was on Thursday – 20 minutes – about online shopping.
– all my colleagues chose to do their presentation on Wednesday and i did it on Thursday for just 2 people in the room (the tutor & one student).
– i did 3 activities to engage the audience.
-first activity was (activity of pairs) i used 2 flip charts (one for advantages of online shopping & the other one for the disadvantages of online shopping ) and i wrote 10 advantages on a sticky notes and 10 other disadvantages and i let the two people in the room matches these sticky notes in the flip chart and who finishes first win.
– the second activity was about the history of online shopping and here i used ( website and let people play through their laptops by seeing the an important event about online shopping and guessing which year it happened.
third activity i did is a group discussion. i gave them couple of minutes to discuss and tell me tips on how to save money through online shopping.
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