Community of San Pablo City

The focus of the assignment is the Community of San Pablo City
Key points should be metioned in the slides via bullet points
Each slide should have speaker notes lasting about a paragraph ( 5 sentences or more)
Last Slide should list all refernces using APA format – Pls be sure that format is done correctly as points will be deducted
I would like for each topic to fit on one slide making the entire assignment 3 slides including the reference slide APA format
Primary language: Is this a communication barrier? English / spanish
Educational levels: For geopolitical communities use and compare the city in which your community belongs with the national statistics.
o Educational offerings (in-services continuing education GED etc.) Salem County vo-tech / Adult education classes
o Educational mandates (yearly in-services continuing education English learners etc.)
o Special education programs (e.g. learning disabled emotionally disabled physically disabled and gifted)
Library or computer/Internet resources and usage.
Funding resources (tuition reimbursement scholarships etc.). Hospital offers tuition reimbursement

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