CX Technology Case Study

Strategic analysis


This semester, we have been learning about key business strategies, considerations, and tools such as Porter’s five forces, Generic Business Strategy, Competitive moves, and SWOT Analyses. These are all items that business executives consider when entering new markets or responding to opportunities and threats.


For this assignment, read the case study on CX Technology. The study outlines how CX Technologies options for entering into new markets. Three possible automotive markets in Vietnam, China, and the US. Read the case study closely, and then compose a 5-page analysis focusing on the following two questions:

1. How should Albert Ting CX Technology Chairman evaluate his options? Be sure to support your ideas.

2. What information does he need to make an informed decision and how can it be obtained? Be sure to refer to strategic management theories learned this semester.

Approach tips

· Be sure to start your case study analysis by summarizing the case and identifying the problem or challenge that CX Technology faces as well as their possible actions

· Analyze each of the three possible actions. A SWOT analysis or an analysis of Porter’s five forces could be useful here, but be sure to describe the benefits and challenges of each possible action.

· Draw a conclusion about which action you believe would be the best choice for their company, and be sure to explain why.

· Be sure to use APA citations for any material cited from the case study or for any outside sources you use.


· This assignment will be graded based on the logic of the analyses, the completeness of the case study response, and the organization and development.

· 20% of the grade will be based on the writing rubric.

· This assignment is worth 15% of the overall course grade.