What is your NAICS code?

Written Assignment 2

This week’s written assignment will be a continuation of your week 1 written assignment, so it should include your work from last week with any edits based on your feedback. This week you will build onto it.

What is your NAICS code?

1.  Choose a business you would like to form.

2.  What is the business and in what industry?  What is your NAICS code?

3.  What legal structure of business will you choose and why?

4.  Research your industry and find common ratios significant to your industry.  What are they and what are they telling you about your industry?  Be specific as to the ratios relevant to your industry and what are the industry averages for those ratios.  This will require significant research on your part, so please start on this early.

This homework should be thoroughly researched, written in APA format with at least 2 references at the end and in-text citations as necessary.

500 words minimum