DNP Application Essay

DNP Application Essay.

Doctor of Nursing Practice, commonly known as DNP Nursing, is a nursing degree that allows a nurse to be promoted to the practitioner level. This if course, involves the verification and certification of the right credentials showing that the nurse is ready to practice. Colleges and Universities offering DNP programs to nursing students will, almost always, require their students to write application essays to best determine their proficiency in the field.

DNP Application Essays not only allow the nursing students to prove how much they have learnt in the course but also show the professors and admission committee that you’re, indeed, ready to become a nursing practitioner. DNP nursing programs subject the nursing students to various real life situations to prepare them to the possible challenges that come with being a nursing practitioner.

How to write a good DNP Application Essay

In the following tips, we will help you understand the basics of writing a good DNP Application Essay and bring you a step closer as a student to getting you the certification to become a nursing practitioner.

  1. Follow instructions

DNP Application Essays, unlike ordinary school nursing essays, come with strict instructions from the admission committee. These instructions strictly specify what is expected of the nursing student and the formatting required. Such instruction often include the topic of the DNP Application Essay, writing format expected, length of the essay, and the points to be covered in the personal statement. Sticking to these explicit guidelines is essential to helping you get a good grade in your DNP Application Essay.

The admission committee while reviewing your DNP Application Essay, will not only test your writing skills but also your ability to follow instructions. Before you start writing your application essay, take some time to read the instructions specified for that particular nursing paper.

  1. Start with an Outline

Just like any other academic essay, structuring your paper in a friendly and easy-to-understand manner will go a long way in improving your chances for getting a higher grade. When writing a DNP Application Essay, you want to start with a clear outline of your topic to introduce the reader to what you are trying to accomplish in your paper. Then, slowly progress to the body of your DNP Application Essay, making sure to explain every point in its own paragraph. Use short and creative sentences to communicate ideas and remember to punctuate your content well. Your conclusion should always be short and concise, summarizing all the ideas you have presented in the DNP Application Essay and perhaps, presenting your general opinion or standpoint to the topic at hand.

  1. Make a strong case

A DNP Application Essay serves as a great opportunity for the nursing student to convince the admission committee why they deserve to be accredited as nursing practitioners. In your personal statement, you will need to show uniqueness in your writing by expressing why you think you deserve to be selected and why you think you will succeed as a nurse practitioner. Appeal to the human touch by making a strong case in your personal statement.

For example, if you wish to become an emergency nurse practitioner, you can express your unique qualities such as the ability to work under pressure and deliver compassion to the victim in such disastrous situations. DNP Application Essays are about presenting your personality and impressing the admission committee with your outstanding personal values. Other good qualities you can present in your DNP Application Essay include volunteering and career experiences and your experience as a mentor in previous situations.

  1. Use an interesting story

We all love stories. Using a story or a case study in your DNP Application Essay not only supports your idea but also allows the readers (admission committee) to relate better with your application essay. Interesting stories also serve to grab the attention of the committee so that they will remember you during the selection process. Capturing the attention of your readers is essential in every form of writing, and this is most evident when you are writing an application essay.

The stories can be about anything ranging from previous experiences to fiction stories that help you communicate your ideas in the DNP Application Essay better. Use your story to enforce on your personal values and why you want to become a nurse practitioner. This will  help emphasize why you are the perfect candidate for the role and increase your chances of scoring higher in your application essay.

  1. Speak the language of nurses

Above everything, you ought to remember that you are a nurse. A DNP Application Essay is a good opportunity to showcase your nursing knowledge that you have learnt in the course of your studies. Using a professional tone relevant to the nursing field give you credibility as a nurse and will allow the admission committee to trust you as a nurse practitioner candidate.

To best using the nursing language, read as many nursing books as you can. A good place to start would be Role Development for the Nurse Practitioner by Stewart and DeNisco. This book will give you a broad overview on nursing practitioners, health policies, and healthcare reforms. It will also help you understand the scope of nursing practice laws. Communicate your school-learnt nursing knowledge in your application essay to compel the nursing admission committee to select you as a nurse practitioner.

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DNP Application Essay

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