Business Case Essay

Business Case Essay.

This business case outlines how the e-Saman project will address current business concerns, the benefits of the project, and alternative of the project. The business case also discusses detailed project goals, project’s MOV and alternative options.

1 Problem or Opportunity

Currently, when students are summoned by the auxiliary police, they need to come to auxiliary police headquarters to check the status and pay their summons. If students do not know that they are being summoned, the summons would deferred and students must pay before graduate in order to get the certificate.

In order to effectively manage summons in auxiliary police headquarters and reduce time consuming, auxiliary police headquarters must move to a web-based application as outlined in this business case for the e-Saman project. By doing so, it will easier to students to check and pay their summons and auxiliary police can manage all summons payment efficiently.

2 Organization’s Goal and Strategy

Auxiliary police UiTM ‘s goals are:

1. Security policy makers in all UiTM campus.

2. Implementing security controls in a systematic and continuous. 3. Enforce laws and regulations on the safety of the university community in a prudent and proactive. 4. Providing security services affairs in an efficient and effectively 5. Manage the auxiliary police headquarters to be the professional security, integrity and accountability

1.3. Project’s Measurable Organizational Value

1. To inform the student about the summons that they got.

2. Student can pay online without have to go to the auxiliary police station.

3. To increase the efficiency in managing payment of the summons.

4. To inform the student about the latest news or announcement for example discount rate offer.

1.4. Option or Alternative Analyzed

To develop an online system where:

i. Students can check whether they got a summon or not. ii. Students can pay the summon through online using this system. iii. Students can get the information about the UiTM rules. iv. Students can get the latest news from UiTM. v. The e-Saman system is also provides an announcement. vi. The e-Saman system contains the rules and guidelines for students. vii. Students can know who the officer on due.

1.5. Alternative Explanation

Recommended alternative is to develop an online system where student can check and pay bill online because:

i. The only place that student can check the summons is at the police station. ii. Technology evolvement. In the new technology era, people nowadays cannot leave without using the internet. Therefore it is practical to use online system especially to student. iii. Time consuming for student to go pay manually.

2. Introduction

2.1. Background


The history of Security Department was initially started in 1974 when MARA University of Technology was fully established. Before that, the security control for the MARA University of Technology was entirely handled by the SafeGuard Security Company at the Jalan Othman, Petaling Jaya. The main purpose of the development of this department is to obtain some responsibility that concerning of the security, peaceful threatening and matters that relating to the Institute and the name of institute. The duties of this department are to enforce rules and regulations for UiTM is one of the “Executive Function” and status are given for ensuring UiTM image as a whole and the efficiency and effectiveness of towards campus society do not affecting at all. Generally, function of this unit are been divided into several group according form of tasks such as logistic and administration division, operation, special tasks and discipline. These forms of tasks are including:-

• Security Control • Traffic Control • Controlling the staffs and students discipline • To avoid fire fighting • Investigation • Logistic and Administration • Training

Security Department was upgraded to UiTM Auxiliary Police on 18 April 2011. In the early years of the establishment of UiTM Auxiliary Police, it’s have been known as UiTM Help Security Unit later upgraded to the Security Department. Administrative structure varies according to the current development of universities either placed under the supervision of the Office of the Director, Office of the Registrar and the Office of the Chancellery.

Beginning August 1, 2011, the Administration of Auxiliary Police is put under the Vice-Chancellor and known by the name of UiTM Auxiliary Police Headquarters. For state campuses, they were placed under the administration of the Campus Rector and known as the Office of Auxiliary Police. Function and role of Auxiliary Police still the same but the scope of duties and jurisdiction has been expanded to have police powers.


e-Saman is a system of integrated programs designed to make it easier for a user to discover information in a convenient way and become a vital to our life rather than Manual System. For these proposed, the development of e-Saman for Security Department of UiTM is being build up to determine the staff acceptance level of the e-Saman system and also to develop a solution replacing the existing conventional system with a web-based computerized system. Mainly, this project proposed to make information management more organized and effectives. The e-Saman is the new concept of system management where the entire organized summons will be supervised by on-line system. This new concept of system management will helped the Security Department of UiTM to control the students summon so that it will be more effective and efficient. Employees of Security Department of UiTM can easily updating and checking students summons. Besides that, they can storing and retrieve the summons’s records. For the students, they can pay online without have to go to the auxiliary police station.

2.2. Current Situation

The current situation that happens in UiTM Auxiliary Police is the organization is still using the manual system in handling the student’s summons. The students have to go to the Office of UiTM Auxiliary Police to pay for the summons. Besides that, their staffs also need to find the summons’s records by manually that spend a lot of time.

2.3. Description of Problem or Opportunity

UiTM Auxiliary Police is currently using the manual system in handling the student’s summons. Thus, the usage of the current system is less effectives where the employee in the department has to recheck the students summons manually. According to Security Officer of UiTM Auxiliary Police, their staffs have to spend a lot of time to recheck thousands of students’ summonses. This situation, involves high costs in paying staffs’ overtime-working hours. Besides that, it creates difficulties to the staff during the university’s convocation season. Almost thousands of summonses need to be rechecking and after that, they have to send notices to student directly to their permanent address. Because of that reason, this project is proposed to ensure all the problems relating to students summon can be solved and indirectly can help the UiTM by gearing its processes to the computerized system.

2.4. Project’s Measurable Organizational Value (zie buat ni salah, tapi hok betol tu jat try tengok dalam buku, dia bagi instruction untuk buat yang ni)

The development of this system gives a lot of benefits both for the Security Department UiTM itself and the students. They are:

• The Security Department itself can increase the effectiveness of storing and retrieve data. • All students in the Faculty of Information Technology and Quantitative Science can easily to check their summons without having to come to Security Centre. • Reduce time to get the student summons status. • Students are easy to access through the Internet. Students are able to interactively search for information and checking their summons. • Employees of Security Department can easily updating and checking students summons. • The entire students’ summonses are stored at the vulnerable place. Its more secure if compare to conventional system.

2.5. Project’s Measurable Organizational Value Supporting Details (ini pon samo)

Reach for a higher measure of success, an information technology project can be on time and within budget, but that doesn’t mean it will be successful. The real measure of success is the value that the project delivers to the organization. A project MOV must be agreed upon. All project stakeholders should agree upon the MOV of a project before the project starts. This requirement includes making business stakeholders as well as technology stakeholders, such as analysts and developers; agree to the MOV before a project begins as a later measurement of project success.

This is a difficult task as it is in one group of stakeholders’ interest to make the MOV high while it is in the interest of the technology stakeholders to make it low. This is especially difficult as it benefits the business side to trick or take advantage of the lack of business acumen from the technology side and requires the technologist to allow them to be judges of something that they neither understand nor ultimately control.

Verifiability of the MOV is the key. Since the project’s MOV is measurable by definition it must then be verifiable. After the project has been completed the MOV is to be verified to determine if the project was successful or if it was not.

2.6. Objectives of Business Case

• Why a project should be undertaken? • Identifying a problem to be solved or an opportunity to be pursued • Providing recommend solutions and plans of action and the benefits of performing them. • Adequately and competently request resources and explain why they are needed in order to succeed, as well as describe the likely benefits, primarily in increased revenue or reduced losses.

Business Case Essay

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